Download DxO PhotoLab 2 Full Active Soft Mới Nhất 2021

DxO PhotoLab 2  specializes in photo editing, design and color filtering for photos with high resolution quality. The part can handle many of the most popular image file formats, making it easy for users to install.

Instructions for downloading and installing DxO PhotoLab 2

Instructions for downloading DxO PhotoLab 2

To be able to download the software, please click the download button below to download the latest DxO PhotoLab 2.

Download Winrar by following this link if you do not have the decompression tool installed.

DxO PhotoLab 2 installation instructions

The first step we recommend is before starting the installation. Ad please temporarily turn off all tools and software antivirus, firewall…

Step 1 : After downloading the DxO PhotoLab 2 software, please extract it. After completing the above steps, open and run the file DxO.PhotoLab.v2.0.1.23411.exe with  the Run as administrator command. Select the Yes button to continue.

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 2 : This dialog box selects Yes button to continue.

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 3 : Wait for the computer to decompress the installation. 

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 4 : In the dialog box, select the Next button to continue

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 5 : Check the box I Accept the term in the Lincense Agreement and click Next to move to the next step.

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 6 : Select the software drive to complete the setup. continue to select Next to continue.

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 7:  Click Install.

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 8: Wait for the computer to install.

DxO PhotoLab 2

Step 9:  Click Finish to complete the software.

DxO PhotoLab 2


Please follow the instructions above to be able to use the software comfortably and fully.

Thank you for following the article. Wishing you success! See you in the next posts!